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Dale Jensen, Flute
& Barbara Jensen, Piano
October 19, 2018

Sarasota Music Club's 2018-2019 Performance Schedule

Sarasota Music Club’s 2018-2019 performance season begins on October 19, with monthly music performances scheduled through April.

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Herald Tribune Features Luca Stine, a 2018 Suncoast Music Scholarship Winner

The Herald Tribune ran a great article on a 2018 Suncoast Music Scholarship 11th grade scholarship winner, Luca Stine. 

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Suncoast Music Scholarship 2018 Awards Luncheon

So, there we were – the culmination of the season’s activities, the Scholarship Awards Luncheon of 2018. The Sarasota Music Club has been doing this since its founding in 1930, and the Artist Series Concerts of Sarasota since its founding in 1996. This is the third year of the two organizations’ partnership, and they -we- combined organizational and financial resources to award $20,000 in scholarships to eight very talented young area musicians. They, their parents, teachers, accompanists, and many members of the two sponsoring organizations were gathered to celebrate. As a bonus to us, the four 12th grade winners performed at the luncheon.

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Rhonda Liss, Soprano, Gives a Great Performance

Rhonda Liss BBP 0570 Edit

The small-ish crowd at Sarasota Music Club’s March meeting/program was treated to a cabaret show given by a lady who really knows how to give a cabaret show. Seventeen of her favorite songs, strung together by a script that gave brief introductions to the songs by telling us a little bit about the origin of the song, or its writers/composers, or the whys behind its inclusion in this group. Plus occasional bits about her life...yes, her husband of 26 years was, in fact, in a hospital in Cleveland at that moment, and she did, in fact, leave his bedside to fly back to Sarasota for this show. Such is the dedication, the Credo of a committed professional...‘I said I’d be there, and dammit, the show will go on!’

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Duo-Ridenours Deliver Delightful Performance

DSC 0074 cropped REsized x2

What a pair! The Ridenours, Rich and Stacy, graced Eicher Auditorium with their enormous skills last Friday, at the Sarasota Music Club’s February meeting. He of the outgoing and enthusiastic stage presence and she of the self-effacing, introverted mien, both pianists of great ability, kept the full house totally engaged and wanting more. The program consisted of standard works (for band, orchestra or soloist) that Rich has arranged for piano, four hands, inelegantly known in music circles as ‘four buns on a bench.’

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2018 Suncoast Music Scholarship Program


The third annual Suncoast Music Scholarships program will offer up to $20,000 in music scholarships through a competition open to Sarasota and Manatee county high school students. The scholarship program is funded through a Sarasota Music Club and Artist Series Concerts of Sarasota partnership.

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On Accompanists & The Lyric Duo

Berenson Sincoff
Young classical pianists who start to dream about a career performing music in public usually imagine themselves playing inspired programs of powerful Beethoven sonatas, intricate preludes and fugues by Bach, or spikey suites by Debussy, Bartok, or Vivaldi. Very few imagine a career as an accompanist. Yet, if they want to make a living...
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The Lyric Duo

Berenson Sincoff 2

Performing in January 2018 for the Sarasota Music Club, the Ohio University Lyric Duo is composed of two outstanding musicians - Gail Berenson, Piano, and Alison Sincoff, Flute/Piccolo. Both are extrememly talented and have awards and accolades too numerous to mention on the performance program. We hope you enjoy reading the following information from the musicians about their careers and accomplishments.

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Sunnyside Singing, Plus, for Holiday Cheer

The Sarasota Music Club always has interesting programs at their once-a-month meetings. Occasionally, club business will actually be conducted, but the meeting is primarily an excuse to hear some music. The music at the December meeting last Friday was mainly provided by the Sunnyside Singers, a group of thirty who are primarily residents of Sunnyside Village, conducted by Suzanne Stearns. Musicians are supposed to watch their conductor, and in this case, they could hardly not – her conducting is of the energetic, insistent sort, and sure enough, all eyes were on her. No shrinking violets here, they all sang with big, full voices, and produced a very satisfying choral sound, with nice part-singing.
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Overnight Miracle - Amy Jo Connours

Amy Jo
Noted baritone Jason Stearns, of US Army Chorus and Metropolitan Opera fame, was to have been the Sarasota Music Club’s program on Friday, the 17th of November. As sometimes happens, he got the flu and realized he would not be able even to croak his way through a program on Thursday evening, less than 18 hours before the intended start time on Friday. He informed his accompanist, the indomitable Lee Dougherty Ross, who said, “Not to worry! I have a friend.” And, indeed she did. 
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Margot Zarzycka's Marvelous Music Opens the Season

margot from facebook

The Zigeunerzeit of Sarasota Music Club, according to Dale Jensen

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Sarasota Music Club Elects New Board of Directors

Sarasota Music Club’s recently elected board of directors will serve until 2019. The board will oversee two years of professional musician performance programs, as well as the organization’s participation in Suncoast Music Scholarships, a partnership with Artist Series Concerts of Sarasota.  Mary Webb will continue her tenure as board President. Additional officers serving on the board are: Jan Balazs, 1st Vice President; Barbara Chertok, 2nd Vice President; Janet Jackson, Secretary and Treasurer; Charlyn Craver, Communications Secretary; and John Fischer, Assistant Treasurer. At Large board members include: Louise Baar, June Buck, Barbara Roth Donaldson, Wes Snyder and Dorothy Whaley.       
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2017 Suncoast Music Scholarships Awards $22,000 to Local High School Music Students



PHOTO 04: Joy McIntyre (judge) , Andrea Guaita (10th grade, home schooled), Gayle Williams (judge), Rich Ridenour(judge), Graeme Sugden (12th grade, Braden River High School), Joshua Guaita (12th grade, home schooled), Daphne Waggener (12th grade, Riverview High School), Ryan Schmidt (12th grade, Manatee School for the Arts), Daniel Solowey (10th grade, Pine View High School). Photo by Rod Millington.

Suncoast Music Scholarships, a Sarasota Music Club and Artist Series Concerts of Sarasota partnership, awarded $22,000 to eight talented young musicians from Sarasota and Manatee counties to be used for music education expenses.

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Sarasota Earlye Musicke Consort Concert

Sarasota Earlye Musicke Consort

SEMC small file

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Grigorios Zamparas - February 17 Concert

Well, our Program Chairperson, Barbara Roth-Donaldson, has done it again! She found a wonderful performer and brought him to a capacity crowd of very appreciative Sarasota Music Club listeners.

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Sarasota Music Club sponsored a winner in the Jeannie/Stephen Auditions

 Lucas Coura, Stephen Runner-Up, on the right

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Music to End and Begin the Year


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Season Opened with Siren Song's Enchanting Performance

Sarasota Music Club's 2016-2017 performance season kicked off with a delightful performance by Siren Song. Attendees thoroughly enjoyed a program ranging from opera to Broadway, deliciously delivered by Johanna Fincher, soprano, Robyn Rocklein, mezzo-soprano, and Donna Smith, piano.

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2016 Suncoast Music Scholarship Winners

Suncoast Music Scholarships, a new Sarasota Music Club and Artist Series Concerts of Sarasota partnership, awarded $22,000 to nine talented young musicians from Sarasota and Manatee counties. The scholarship funds are to be used to pay for music education expenses.

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2015-2016 Performance Season Review

The 2015-2016 season offered many wonderful performances that were enjoyed by Sarasota Music Club members and guests. October through December performances were nicely covered in previous blogs, and here is an overview of the rest of the season.

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