Sarasota Music Club attends Seminole District Meeting

The Seminole District of the Florida Federation of Music Club met on Saturday, November 17, in Sarasota.

Sarasota Music Club had nine representatives at the meeting: president Wes Snyder, second vice president Barbara Roth-Donaldson, secretary Mary Webb, treasurer Janet Jackson, board members June Buck and Marilou Swenson, communications director Susan Hicks, and members Bob Barr and Ellen DiPiazza.

Bob Barr - who sings with Key Chorale, Gloria Musicae and Musica Sacra Cantorum - let the singing of "God Bless America."

Reports were given by each member club, and preliminary plans for the 2015 state conference were presented.

Musical entertainment followed the luncheon. Barbara Roth-Donaldson, pianist, represented the Sarasota Music Club with wonderful performances of "Arabesque" by Debussy, "Song Without Words" by Mendelssohn, and a medley of songs written by composer Sigmunc Romberg.

Superb Piano Performance by Genevieve Beauchamp
Romigs' Flute and Piano Performance Opens the Seas...

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