Superb Piano Performance by Genevieve Beauchamp

The Sarasota Music Club always has interesting programs, along with really nice coffee and sugary things to ruin my diet. Last Friday it was cinnamon rolls, made by hand in the Sunnyside Village kitchen - mmm, good! I actually never learned to like coffee, though I do like the smell. (When I was a kid, my favorite aisle in our old A&P was where the coffee grinders were...what, you, too?)

The main thing, of course, is the music. Last Friday it was Genevieve Beauchamp who performed for us. 

I first saw/heard Ms. Beauchamp several years ago, with her estimable Sarasota Young Voices. The children sang very nicely, but most impressive to me was the discipline within the group; they knew exactly what they were doing and did it with concentration and aplomb. Seeing Ms. Beauchamp work with them, it quickly became apparent that she was not only their teacher, but also their role model. Her piano playing shows the same concentration and competence. That makes it sound like it would be dull, but her playing, anything but dull, if full of life and expression.

Her program consisted of Preludes by Bach and Rachmaninov, a selection of pieces by Debussy, and finished with a solo piano version of Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue. All were played with skill, sensitivity and taste. The Rachmaninov Prelude #22 was filled with bombast, requiring a lot of wrist and arm strength, while the #24 that followed was quiet and meditative - she provided both extremes, sweeping her audience up in the pure music. 

The hour was over much too soon, and the music ultimately much more satisfying than the excellent cinammon rolls!


Bach Prelude and Fugue in E Flat Major from Book 2

Rachmaninoff Preludes op. 23 no. 2 and 4

Les collines d'Anacapri, La cathedrale engloutie, and Feaux d'artifice by Debussy

Rhapsody in Blue by Gershwin


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