Sarasota Music Club sponsored a winner in the Jeannie/Stephen Auditions

 Lucas Coura, Stephen Runner-Up, on the right

 Sarasota Music Club sponsored a contestant in the 66th Annual Jeannie/Stephen Auditions. The competition, which is sponsored by the Florida Federation of Music Clubs and held at the Stephen Foster State Folk Culture Center in White Springs, Florida, is open to young Florida vocalists. Awards presented to winners and runners-up are to be used to help continue their vocal studies. Contestants must be sponsored by a FFMC Senior Federated Music Club, and they must perform two songs – one composed by Stephen C. Foster and one by another American composer. 

Sarasota Music Club sponsored Lucas Coura, providing $400 to help cover costs related to the competition, including the registration fee and required traditional 1850s attire. 

Luca was selected as the Stephen Runner-Up, and he was awarded $1,000.

Luca is eligible to compete again in next year’s Stephen Foster / Jeanie Auditions as this year's runner-up, and as he will still be in the acceptable age range (18-23 years old).

Sarasota Music Club’s board members are happy to have had the opportunity to help Luca participate in this time-honored competition and earn this award and recognition.





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