Suncoast Music Scholarship 2020 auditions for graduating seniors that had been rescheduled for July 25 are now canceled, due to ongoing health safety concerns.

Partners Sarasota Music Club and Artist Series Concerts of Sarasota created a “Young Musician Encouragement Gift” program that will award each 12-grade applicant $500, to support the young musicians who experienced such disruption to their senior year of high school and are heading off to college in these uncertain times. 

“We are heartbroken by this cancellation, but hopefully our gift will help these 17 young musicians continue their growth in music,” said co-chair Lee Dougherty Ross. 

Ethan Horn, an applicant who won a Suncoast Music Scholarship last year as a junior, sent this message in response to our sending out news of the cancellation and the Young Musician Encouragement Gift program:

I appreciate that you guys are prioritizing the safety of our community, especially with the recent influx of cases in Florida. Thank you for continuing to support young musicians even during this period of unease. Thanks again, and hopefully we will all get to perform for you again in the future!

We hope to hear these young musicians perform in the future, too, and we hope they continue to enjoy and expand their musical experiences. 

Sincere thanks to all the supporters of Sarasota Music Club and Artist Series Concerts of Sarasota - it is your generosity that allows the Suncoast Music Scholarship program to support young musicians.